Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Six months to go 'til 2016

New visitors to the museum often ask us how long we've been here, and are taken aback when we tell them that we've been here for over twenty years. In fact, the museum opened its doors back in 1991, and next year, 2016, will be our twenty-fifth anniversary!

The time has seen a number of changes – exhibitions and precious people have come and gone, and we've continually worked to cram more and more into the space, improve the lighting and facilities, bring in more collections, fill in the gaps in existing collections, and to basically do everything we can to make an already magical place better and better.

Today, July 1st, is exactly six months from the start of our Special Year, and we'll be using this time to think of even more ways to improve the museum and to create more online content about the origins of the museum and the people who built it.

We'll be holding events throughout 2016, including a week of celebrations on the 10th-14th May 2016. This year you'll be seeing some major changes on the website and some very special things happening in the museum before January 1st.

If you haven't visited for a while, we think you'll like the major lighting improvements and new displays that we've installed over the last few years. And if you still haven't visited us yet – what are you waiting for?

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