Thursday, 23 February 2012

ModelWorld 2012: Setting up

We were at the Brighton Centre today, setting up the stand area at ModelWorld 2012 that we'll be sharing with the 5BEL Trust.
As well as the full-size Pullman backdrop (scale: 12 inches to the foot), we were also assembling a set of original Pullman Art Nouveau-ish wooden marquetry panels, with an accompanying table, cutlery and crockery, and a very comfy-looking Pullman chair. Unfortunately, it's very valuable, so nobody's allowed to sit on it.

Representing a collection like the Museum's is somewhat difficult, so this year, we're also bringing along a model of the entire Museum, inside and out, rendered in Lego. The next time that someone visiting the stand asks us to describe what the Museum is like, we'll be able to make a futile spluttering sound and some shruggy gestures, and wave them towards the model.
Of course, if you want to judge how accurate the model is, you'll have to also come and see the real Museum...

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