Friday, 5 July 2013

Dinky Toy main display cabinet update

This odd coach (a Maudslay "deck-and-a-half" observation coach)
is a visitors' favourite
We're putting the finishing touches to a reworking of our main Dinky Toys display, as part of our Frank Hornby 150th Anniversary project.

Everything in the cabinet has been re-researched and re-checked, and there's now an informative label by each piece, so that now you can find out what your favourite car actually is ... we're just waiting for some nice colour period colour advertising to be added behind the shelves.

Dinky's range captured a range of classic British automotive designs
The research was carried out by volunteers Nick Gibson and Francisco Dominguez, with Nick doing the labelling.

The re-lit and relabelled cabinet, just waiting for some new background inserts


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