Friday, 27 January 2006

Claire Eden, in Brighton and Hove Leader

Brighton and Hove Leader, January 27, 2006

Cover caption:

" ON TRACK: Claire Eden isn't just playing with trains, she has to count them, along with hundreds of other treasures at Brighton Toy and Model Museum. Claire, the museum's new curator, is compiling a database which will help it bid for Lottery cash. Full story on Page 7. "

Page 7:

Brighton's Toy and Model Museum has started recording its treasured 3,000 items for the first time, thanks to a £1,600 grant to buy new computer equipment.

New curator Claire Eden, a Sussex University post-graduate student, is inputting the details on the museum's first database.

She said: "Until now there was nothing recorded - just a few scraps of paper written about 15 years ago stuck in the drawer. There were a few attempts to make an inventory but nothing completed."

The charity-run museum in Trafalgar Street is one of few remaining in the country. Claire, 23, said a proper database would bring the museum national recognition and enable it to apply for Lottery funding.

She said: "Our main goal will be to create a resource room where people can do research into toys. We have a lot of specialist books and information which we would like to make available on site."

The welcome handout has come from the South Eastern Museum Archives and Libraries Council.

Claire said school parties visited the museum most days and a resource centre would be of a huge benefit to them as well as toy and model enthusiasts.

Former curator Andrew Woodfield has stepped into the role of education officer to move the museum forward.

Among other plans are improvements to the museum and more exhibitions.

The museum is open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm, and Saturday, 11am to 5pm. Details on 01273 749494. "

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