Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Meccano Mechanisms

The museum has recently built two more new cabinets to help commemorate Frank Hornby's 150th anniversary.

Meccano has been inspiring mechanics, engineers and inventors of all ages to construct imaginative creations ever since its invention in 1901, and our new displays showcase some of the mechanical marvels that can be achieved with this ingeniously simple toy. Inspired by characters in the 1925 story book, "Adventures in Meccanoland", these cabinets are populated with Meccano people known as "Meccanitians", who need help finishing their tasks. Come along and help Bill and Fred finish sawing their log, or see Andy's wonderful windmill!
A wood-sawing team, and a line of jumping chirping chickens

Andy needs to adjust the windmill's tower so that it points into the wind.
The pieces are interactive, and are operated by handles on the cabinet sides.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Brighton trams and trolleybuses

Put it there! Deciding how to arrange the display
We've just raised the Ted Bayley "Brighton Pavilion" model up a few inches to create a new display area for Brighton trolleybuses and trams.

The final version of the display now has a double-row of fourteen trams, trolleybuses and buses showing their evolution from horsedrawn trams, through steam, electric and diesel.

This is all part of the "Glamour of Brighton" display in the museum's foyer.

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