Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dollhouse Furniture display stands

Preparation work for our new dollhouse furniture display for Arch 2 continues...

We now have the two side-stands completed and in position in the alcove. Work still to be done includes kitting out the individual rooms with flooring and backdrops, completing renovation work on the Gottschalk dollhouse that will be standing between them, deciding on the auxiliary exhibit material for the display, and then ... finally ... getting our C19th/C20th dollhouse furniture out of storage, sorting it, and then deciding which pieces are going to get to go on display.

Since the rooms and their backdrops are modular and interchangeable, the tentative plan is that if it turns out that we still have too much important material to display at once, we may be able to rotate individual rooms on and off display. We'll see how it goes.  


  1. Great to see the progress! I hope when you say 'renovation' of the Gottschalk, you mean conservation/restoration? I'm sure you know that the more original the finishes, inside and out, the more value an antique dolls house has.

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      Yes, don't worry - after we'd had a good look at the dollhouse, all we really ended up doing was giving it the very lightest of cleaning, and providing it with some curtains made from contemporary Edwardian lace.

      We're now busy trying to identify the trays of miscellaneous C19th/C20th dollhouse furniture that have emerged from storage and that will be living in the displays alongside! :)


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