Monday, 11 January 2016

New aeroplane in foyer!

Scary for those who don't like heights...

This is why we don't open on Mondays
As part of our emphasis on new exhibits for 2016, we've set up another radio-controlled model aircraft built by Denis Hefford in the museum lobby.

The plane is a three-engined Junkers Ju52, marked out with the livery of Adolf Hitler's personal plane in 1932 (number D-AHIT), and it's suspended overhead just inside the doorway, where it's being attacked by our two large overhead model Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft.

Due to its size, this model aircraft has been in storage for a long time, waiting for us to have a way to actually display it in the Museum. The lobby may not look especially huge, but its ceiling is actually three stories high, so we weren't able to put up the aircraft until after we'd invested in our own three-storey scaffolding tower in late 2015.

The first item is now crossed off our 2016 to-do list!
Some reassembly required ...
Stringing up the plane with steel cord

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