Monday, 21 February 2011

The Brighton Belle at Modelworld 2011

The Modelworld 2011 Exhibition at the Brighton Centre's just come to an end.

The full-size Pullman "Brighton Belle" carriage display, on stand 34 of Modelworld 2011

The 5BEL Trust ("Bringing Back the Brighton Belle") were on stand 34, and they also had one of the actual Brighton Belle carriages parked outside on a trailer. The weather was a bit drab, but thanks to the Brighton Half Marathon, about five and a half thousand people trotted past it on Sunday morning.

The Brighton Belle's Car 88, parked outside the Brighton Centre, 20th Feb 2011
The exhibition also featured Daleks, a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, a lot of model trains, an awe-inspiring Lego aircraft carrier, and a Very Very Large scale steam locomotive (the Green Goddess) that was over twenty-seven and a half feet long including the tender, and weighed over eight tons.

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