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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Things Are On The Move Again Around Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Castor and Sir Glanville
Well, it’s a New Year and time for a rethink of where things go in order to maximise the space that we have available here at Brighton Toy and Model Museum. The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the museum is that the model of the Sir Granville traction engine has been moved to a position just behind the steam roller Castor in the foyer. Once the plinth that the Sir Granville usually stands upon has been fully repaired, it will return to service in this new location. In the meanwhile, a new display for shop sales has taken the place that the Sir Granville used to occupy, meaning that we can lay out more vintage treats that you can buy and take away to enjoy at home.

The Sterling Steam Loco
Changes to the museum’s exhibits continue. Once you’ve bought your ticket and made you way up the steps into the museum proper, the Sterling, which currently stands at the head of the steps into the museum will be moved to a new location. It will soon sit upon its own section of bridge, which will span the passage from the central O gauge display to the OO gauge at the back of the museum.

Where The Sterling Will Go
Once the display cabinet in which the Sterling steam locomotive currently resides has been freed up, we’ll be able to put out other displays for which we don’t currently have a secure, protected place to exhibit.

The Bridge, Under Construction
Changes aren’t only afoot in the world of steam. Museum staff Andrew and Jordan have been carefully cataloguing and recording a number of different puppet theatre backdrops. Now that stage of the museum’s housekeeping work has been completed, it will soon be time to put them out for the public to enjoy. Of course, it’s not so simple when you’re always having to invent new ways to maximise the use of the limited space for all the beautiful things we have to show. But somehow Gordon, the museum's handyman extraordinaire, always manages to amaze the rest of us by coming up with ideas and constructions that do just that.  He is currently building the section of bridge upon which The Sterling will be displayed, and he is also creating a set of unique shallow cabinets that will make the most efficient use of space in Puppet's Corner, in which the now catalogued puppet theatre scenery will be exhibited.

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